Veteran dietitians Nicole Ring and Lauren Rezende, have spent over fifteen years working behind the scenes with restaurants, food companies, schools, onsite dining facilities and corporate wellness programs to celebrate food beyond flavor.

We believe healthy foods should be easy to find, easy to make and accessible for everyone. We’ve helped industry partners makeover recipes, comply with food laws, assess nutrition profiles, create customized menus and meal plans, and create nutrition focused marketing and media campaigns.


Our Services

recipe development

Our hearts are happy in the kitchen creating great-tasting, easy-to-prepare, healthy recipes using specific products and ingredients. We'll also provide nutrition information and photography. 

speaking engagements + food demos

From corporate events to industry trade shows, our passion for healthy eating at-home or on-the-go shines whether we're live in front of an audience or virtual behind the computer.


We love working with companies that share our mission of healthy food for all. We’ll tailor our nutrition expertise, market insights and culinary creativity to support your brand’s goals.

meal plaNs

We'll create customized meal plans that incorporate a variety of foods and recipes to meet dietary goals and food trends (e.g. caloric specifications, allergen-free, meal frequency, vegan, athletes, etc.).