5 Food Trends to Watch For in 2019


Experts in the food world are predicting what the hottest trends will be for 2019. Would you try any of these top 5?

5 food trends 2019.png

It's so refreshing to kickstart the new year. The sun is shining, we've packed up the holiday decorations and we are ready to dig in and make this the best year yet! One thing we haven't quite finished cleaning up is our inboxes (can you relate?). Ours have been flooded with predictions for the next big thing in food for 2019. Touting everything from faux snack meats (like kelp jerky), and CBD oil infused coffee and cocktails, to robots making salads in an ATM-like machine and digital grocery shopping. The underlying theme though, relates to health and sustainability with a majority of predictions involving plants and growing the plant-based food landscape (which makes us do a happy dance). Here are a few of the top predictions:

  1. Oat Milk: made by soaking oats in water and then straining. Higher in protein than nut milks and higher in fiber than nut, soy and regular milk. With its creamy texture and growing popularity, look for it on coffeehouse menus as the newest dairy alternative.

  2. Mushrooms: due to the wide variety, flavors and uses, mushrooms will continue to rise in popularity and be used to create "blended burgers" at restaurants and in meal kits (finely chopped and mixed with meat) and for infusing coffee and chocolate bars. 

  3. New Greens: with the Romaine E. coli scare over and kale's drop in popularity, there will be an explosion of lettuces grown hydroponically, new varieties (like celtuce) added to restaurant menus and various sea vegetables (aka edible seaweed) from algae to kelp will infuse the snack aisles and other grocery staples.

  4. More Meatless Innovations: with the rise in flexible plant-based eating, more vegetarian and vegan items will be available on grocery store shelves and as plant-based entrees on restaurant menus.

  5. Ugly Food: although not as pretty, ugly produce is just as healthy and edible, and can even be purchased for a discounted price. To help reduce food waste, ugly produce that would otherwise get dumped can be shipped directly to your home.

We're playing around with a few of these trending ingredients in our kitchens and if anything comes out edible, we'll post it on our blog for you to try! Just don't expect any kelp jerky anytime soon 😉